Corporate governance at the crossroads (Record no 54813)

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Nazwa osobowa Chew, Donald H., Jr.
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Tytuł Corporate governance at the crossroads
Ciąg dalszy tytułu : a book of readings
Pozostałe elementy strefy tytułu i oznaczenia odpowiedzialności [red. Chew Donald H., Jr., red. Gillan Stuart L., red. Gillan Stuart L.]
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Miejsce wydania Burr Ridge
Nazwa wydawcy McGraw-Hill Irwin
Data wydania cop. 2005
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Objętość XVI, 512 s. : rys., tab.
Format 24 cm
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Nazwa osobowa Chew, Donald H., Jr.
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Nazwa osobowa Gillan, Stuart L.
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Nazwa osobowa Gillan, Stuart L.
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ISBN 978-0-07-295708-2
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Treść uwagi 1. ELSON Charles M., Foreword Introduction CHAPTER 1; CORPORATE GOVERNANCE PERSPECTIVES SECTION 1.1 AN OVERVIEW OF CORPORATE GOVERNANCE JENSEN Michael C., Value maximization, stakeholder theory, and the corporate objective function JENSEN Michael C., The modern industrial revolution, exit, and failure of internal control systems MILLER Merton H., Is American corporate governance fatally flawed? ROE Mark J., The political roots of American corporate governance EASTERBROOK Frank H., International corporate
2. differences: markets or law? HOLMSTROM Bengt and KAPLAN Steven N., The state of
3. U.S. corporate governance: what's right and what's wrong? SECTION 1.2 ETHICS AND INCENTIVES JENSEN Michael C. and MECKLING William H., The nature of man BRICKLEY James A., SMITH Clifford W., Jr. and ZIMMERMAN Jerold L., Corporate governance, ethics, and organizational architecture BRENNAN Michael J., Incentives, rationality, and society JENSEN Michael C., Self-interest, altruism, incentives, and agency theory Baylor University roundtable on integrity in financial reporting
4. CHAPETR 2: INTERNAL GOVERNANCE SECTION 2.1 BOARDS OF DIRECTORS MONKS Robert and MINOW Nell, The director's new clothes (or, the myth of corporate accountability) Continental bank roundtable on the role of corporate boards in the 1990s MACAVOY Paul W. and MILLSTEIN Ira M., The active board of directors and its effect on the performance of the large publicly traded corporation SECTION 2.2 COMPENSATION JENSEN Michael C. and MURPHY Kevin J., CEO incentives - it's not how much you pay, but how MILLER Merton H and CRYSTAL Graef S., The case for expensing stock options against earings GILLAN Stuart L., Has pay for performance gone away? Views from a corporate governance forum MARTIN John D., Golf tournaments and CEO pay - unraveling the mysteries of executive compensation
5. GILLAN Stuart L., Option-based compensation: panacea or Pandora's box? GLASSMAN David, Twelve ways to strengthen your incentive plan BIDDLE Gary C., BOEWN Robert M. and WALLACE James S., Evidence on Eva HALL Brian J., Six challenges in designing equity-based pay SECTION 2.3 INCENTIVES AND ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE
6. PRAHALAD C.K. and DOZ Yves, The CEO: a visible hand in wealth creation? TREML Heidi E. and LEHN Kenneth, Decentralization,
7. incentives, and value creation: the case of JLG Industries KANTOR Brian, Adding value for shareholders in South
8. Africa: an analysis of the Rembrandt restructing DENIS David J. and DENIS Diane K., Leveraged recaps and the curbing of corporate overinvestment HOLTHAUSEN Robert W. and LARCKER David F., Performance, leverage, and ownership structure in revers LBOs
10. of institutional stock ownership: a promise unfulfiled FRANKS Julian and MAYER Colin, Corporate ownership and control in the U.K., Germany, and France CARNEY William J., Large bank stockholders in
11. Germany: saviors or substitutes? SECTION 3.2 MARKETS PARRINO James D. Takeovers, management replacement,
12. and post-acquisition operating performance: some evidence from the 1980s DONALDSON Gordon, The corporate restructuring of the 1980s - and its import for the 1990s NOWAK Eric, Recent develompents in German capital markets and corporate governance BLASS Asher, YAFEH Yishay and YOSHA Oved, Corporate
13. governance in an emerging market: the case of Isreal SECTION 3.3 FINANCIAL REPORTING BOTOSAN Christine A., Evidence that greater disclosure lowers the cost of equity capital LEV Baruch, RandD and capital markets
14. ELLIS Martin. Goodwill accounting: everything has changed and nothing has changed BENNET STEWART G., How to fix accounting - measure and report economic profit BENSTON George J., Accounting doesn't need fixing (just some reinterpreting) FULLER Joseph and JENSEN Michael C., Just say no to
15. Wall Street: putting a stop to the earnings game
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Temat Ład korporacyjny
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Temat Ład korporacyjny w Stanach Zjednoczonych
9 (RLIN) 56457
Temat Etyka
9 (RLIN) 20983
Temat Ethics
9 (RLIN) 46518
Temat Motywacja
9 (RLIN) 19921
Temat Incentive
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Temat Zarząd
9 (RLIN) 49847
Temat Board of directors
9 (RLIN) 52934
Temat Wynagrodzenie
9 (RLIN) 36491
Temat Compensation
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Temat CEO
9 (RLIN) 27911
Temat Chief executive officer
9 (RLIN) 27910
Temat Prezes
9 (RLIN) 56460
Temat Struktura organizacyjna
9 (RLIN) 21235
Temat Organizational structure
9 (RLIN) 56462
Temat Kontrola przedsiębiorstwa
9 (RLIN) 25731
Temat Corporate control
9 (RLIN) 56463
Temat Rynek
9 (RLIN) 19793
Temat Market
9 (RLIN) 46343
Temat Rynek kapitałowy
9 (RLIN) 19695
Temat Capital market
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Temat Rynki wschodzące
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Temat Emerging markets
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Temat Corporate governance
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Temat Corporate governance
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